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Less dress to impress. More wear for self-care.

Uniquley designed to encourage positive self~talk, teach self~love and boost self~esteem.

What is a Tur-Shirt?

The Positive Self~Talk Tur~Shirts

It doesn't matter how it looks to others

It only matters to the child wearing it. It's sole purpose is to encourage positive self-talk, so it only felt right to design it as unique as each of it's wearers.

Ever wish they could see themsleves the way you see them?

The Tur-Shirt is designed so that every time your child looks in the mirror to read it, they will learn a new habbit of positive self-talk.

A tool to teach them a positive inner voice.

We encourage little ones to use their Tur-Shirt to learn the skill of positive self-talk. So that every single time they look at themselves in the future, they will continue to speak kindly to themselves.

What people think

I've got a lot of love for this business. It's so unique. It's so brilliant. I think every kid should have one of these Tur-Shirts.


What a lovely company with a fabulous idea. I love everything that this stands for.


I honestly think what you've created is so beautiful and empowering.


This is so important for little ones. Wish I had this growing up.